Monday, 22 April 2013.

This Great Southern Land.

What an amazing couple of weeks here at Smile Clothing. Since our inception, we have always aimed at incorporating giving to children in need on a One for One basis. A goal that we have always strived for is to be able to assist those here at home. In our great southern land.

No point boring you with the details, but the team here at Smile have endeavoured to make this dream come true on myriad occasions over the short history of our company. It had, until recently, not come to fruition. Then a chance meeting, followed by some amazing work by a select few, brought us to the most amazing place - a clothing drop in our own backyard. Numbulwar, 2013.

Numbulwar is a small indigenous community situated on the South West coastline of the Gulf of Carpenteria, within the Arnhem Land region of Australia's Northern Territory. A beautiful remote community, far from fairly well everything, to which we were lucky enough to be chartered in by twin propeller. Having never ventured to these parts before, as well as being our first Australian based clothing drop, we were excited to say the least. Met with open arms by our friends on the ground, we were quickly shown around town and introduced to some amazing folk, whilst seeing some of the inspirational things our giving partners at the New Future Alliance (NFA) are doing within the local community. The New Future Alliance is a partnership between construction company consortia, working closely with the NT government and local communities. The New Future Alliance works closely with communities to assist in the provision of dwellings, training and assistance. Community engagement and employment workforce development are given priority along with civil engineering and housing construction outcomes. After seeing some of the local initiatives that our friends at the NFA are working on, we were taken to the Numbulwar school and this is where the Smile team felt instantly at home, looking forward to giving to children in need, providing garments for their schooling and general kicking around.

There are of course issues associated with the eye opening experience it was seeing a community like Numbulwar for the first time. These issues revolve around the disparity of standards of living between as us Australians, within our own borders. These home grown issues are ever prevalent across our wide landscape, however we are mindful that we are in no way educated or experienced enough to give you a definitive overview of same. It is a somewhat polarising issue that needs be acknowledged, but by people and organisations far better placed and versed than ours. We were here to fulfil a dream, to be able to give to children in the land to which we were born. As is the recurring theme on all of our clothing drops, the kids' smiles were universal. A more beautiful people would be hard to find. All day we laughed, talked and played basketball with the local kids that welcomed us into their school, albeit with some inquisitive charm at the outset.

Like most things that happen here at Smile, without simply doesn't. We want to say thank you to you all for continuing to believe, and continuing our ability to give. We want to say thank you to all the people that made this clothing drop possible, and we look forward to being able to assist our indigenous communities in a sustainable manner going forward. And now, realising we have again not been able to succintly describe all the goodness we have been privy to, we want to say thank you to the people of Numbulwar. Thanks for allowing us into your World, and for the warmth in which we were welcomed.

Much more happening here at Smile over the coming few weeks, with a video edit of our aforementioned clothing drop being cooked at present, our mid year range continues to grow and develop, and some Indonesian sampling trips just around the corner. Stay in touch, and thanks again.

Give First, Wear Second.



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